Bridging Divides

Observing how people engage with each other about differing views is fascinating and sometimes frustrating. It is disheartening to see people embroiled in heated debates over who’s right and who’s wrong. In many instances, especially in the workplace, there’s not a definitive “right,” only multiple perspectives from diverse experiences.

Embracing this tapestry of viewpoints doesn’t have to mean agreement, but it should mean acceptance. Acceptance doesn’t mean liking, condoning, or agreeing – it means accepting.

It seems like an increasing number of people these days demand understanding, likely to ease their fears and agreement to soothe their anxieties. However, forceful demands influence reactivity, and, as they say, “like almost always attracts like.” Emotional reactivity attracts emotionally reactive responses and shuts down collaboration. I encourage more requests and less demands. Additionally, I wonder if too many of us take turns being intellectual litigators, missing the profound gifts of being curious, listening with nuanced understanding, and connecting via heartfelt empathy. For me, that’s a bridge worth building and leadership worth fighting for.

See you soon-