Business Culture Management

Is there anything more important than your business culture? Do your values, strategy, and leadership provide the cultural scaffolding to optimize employee engagement? Does your culture attract and retain the best talent?

These questions are challenging and important. Author Daniel Coyle in his book “The Culture Code,” states that according to a Harvard study, a robust culture increases net income by 756 percent over eleven years. What my former questions really are, are areas of opportunity. Building a great culture takes time and targeted effort. The good news is the ingredients and chef are already in place. I can partner with you to create the meal of “great culture” and when that happens confidence and success are the banquets on which you’ll feed.

Business Culture Management

If what Coyle says is accurate, “a robust (business) culture increases net income by 756% over eleven years,” has your business experienced this level of return on investment? If not, have you explored the opportunities that are available to you? Business culture is a set of values, norms, and behaviors that shape the way people in business interact. It includes everything from initial introductions, to work placements and word choice in conversations. We’ll help you unlock the code to a great culture. 

Family Businesses

Creating and nurturing a strong, professional, and enduring culture is important for success in family-owned businesses. We’ll create a path for successfully navigating this complicated dynamic.

Motivation & Engagement

A strong business culture that motivates and engages staff and team members aids in talent attraction, employee retention, and overall company profitability. We’ll help you model and coach the critical behaviors needed to lead this culture.

Psychological Safe Environment

Successful companies have a grounded business culture that aligns with their employees so they feel comfortable, safe, supported, and above all, valued. Let’s talk about how to achieve it.


In business, accountability is a culture where every person learns how to hold themselves and each other accountable for their actions in fulfilling their responsibilities within the company. This can be a complex process that we will help you navigate.



Our Process

Learn How it Works

Assess Your Business Culture

Since your business culture can dictate whether you succeed or fail, we will assess your values, strategies, and framework to identify strengths, areas to enhance, and best practices. 

Examine Team Productivity

Do your staff and team members feel safe, confident, and supported? Do you? We ask questions, listen, observe workflows, and examine espoused and practiced values to get answers. 

Stay Employee-Focused

Employees are the heart of any business. Are your employees receiving the lifeblood of being heard, felt, and celebrated so job engagement, satisfaction, and retention are high?  If not, we'll show you the best methods to transform these areas.  

Keep Learning & Developing

Do your people feel positively challenged in order to ward off burn-out? Do they have a growth mindset to bolster a culture of engagement and innovation? Customized coaching, needed resources, and new challenges are important investments to make in yourself, your people, and your business. We will tell you why and show you how to optimize your investment. 

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