Team Building and Collaboration

What is the magic of great group chemistry? How can we create elite teamwork? We all know it when we feel it. Teamwork is in fact nothing like work. It is like free-flowing water. Everything is easier and there are few obstacles. You simply feel an easy flow.

High-performance teamwork isn’t a spectator sport – everyone must contribute to catching lightning in the bottle. When your people begin to recognize the thousands of micro-opportunities to demonstrate personal deference to business vision and shared humanity — you will rocket toward your destination. If I could describe teamwork with a sentence, I would say, it is about doing right rather than being right. The real question is, how do you facilitate this authentically in the work setting?

Once again the answers lie in three powerful areas which are science, our feelings, and your balcony which I will explain. The lightning in the bottle is how you execute in each area. With a wealth of experience in this area, I will use my strength-based coaching approach to help get your team to become much greater than the sum of its parts.

A Collaborative Team is a Foundation for Success

A collaborative team is the foundation of a successful organization. The most effective teams are able to work together towards common goals, even if they come from different backgrounds. Close-knit teams communicate effectively with each other, resolve conflicts quickly and efficiently, and provide support when needed. These types of teams also tend to be more productive than those that don’t work as well together, because they have better morale, higher levels of trust (which leads to greater collaboration), stronger communication skills (including listening), and an overall sense of camaraderie within the group.


To build a successful team, it’s important for business leaders to effectively communicate with their employees and vice versa. We will help you create the underpinnings of this process.


The best way for you to gain respect and earn trust from your team is by being willing to listen and respond when someone has relevant information that can contribute toward catching the lightning in a bottle. We will help you learn the magic and steps of empowering curiosity and it will embed trust into every team.



Our Process

Learn How it Works

Empower Your Team

Empower your team members with expert guidance and shared responsibilities to develop concepts and processes to accomplish goals and realize a collective vision.

Provide Support

Provide your team members with the space, time, and resources needed to attain goals and catch the lightning in a bottle to achieve success.

Communicate Effectively

Communicate effectively with your team members through coaching, brainstorming sessions, workshops, and programs so everyone’s voice is heard individually and collaboratively.

Earn Trust

Build respect and earn trust among everyone on your team by demonstrating your dedication to working together toward common business goals.

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