About Tim Wakeham

Tim is not your typical organizational leadership consultant; he’s your committed ally in achieving extraordinary success. CEOs, senior managers, teams, and staff rely on Tim for his unmatched insight and ability to drive rapid growth. Say goodbye to stagnation after Tim assesses your organization, teamwork, and leadership with precision.

With a keen eye for growth opportunities, Tim partners with clients to orchestrate transformative change. His mission? Propelling you and your organization towards unprecedented success. But that’s not all – Tim believes that communication is the key to strong relationships and good business. His proven interpersonal leadership training leads to significant communication improvements. Independent observers and leaders report remarkable enhancements after his program.

Unlock the power of effective communication with Tim’s expertise, and watch your organizational relationships and staff performance thrive. Tim is also a Licensed Practitioner in Kantor’s Structural Dynamics assessment, offering invaluable insights into group dynamics and skillful communication.

Drawing on extensive leadership experience and a doctorate in organizational leadership psychology, Tim translates the latest research into practical strategies for immediate impact. His consult summaries are legendary for their “Timpathy” – empathic belief, evidence-based leadership, and well-being insights.

Tim’s expertise goes further with a master’s degree in Physical Education, focusing on Exercise Science, enhancing leader resiliency and performance potential. He equips you and your staff with strategies for physical and mental well-being in today’s demanding business landscape.

With over 25 years of coaching experience and 20,000 successful sessions, Tim guides transformational growth. He’s collaborated with over 500 teams, understanding team dynamics and driving collaboration.

Tim’s masterful presentations on leadership and organizational excellence inspire and motivate audiences to new heights. He brings the latest insights to ensure cutting-edge strategies that work.

Ready to ignite your organization’s potential? Partner with Tim and embark on a transformative journey to redefine your future. Contact Tim today and experience his expertise firsthand. Accelerate your mission progress and unleash unparalleled success.”