Tim Wakeham & Maxum Consultants

Our committed group of experts will coach you, your teams, and your people with caring attention, contagious energy, and game-changing impact. We will deliver transformational value with each interaction. It’s who we are. The list of what makes us different is long. We skillfully listen, emotionally connect, and empower our leaders with the latest neuroscience leadership strategies. Additionally, we acknowledge that leading through the pandemic era requires a different set of skills. We share these innovative skills with you.

We bolster your business structure and systems, thereby decreasing gaps and overlaps through better integration. At the employee level, we offer creative and proven to work strategies to increase engagement and retention.

We have 30 years of collaborating with the best leadership minds in the United States. Their iron and expertise have certainly sharpened ours, and now we are happy to help sharpen and elevate yours. Let us know how we can help, and we will be as devoted as you are to your organization’s success.

About Tim Wakeham

Tim is a caring and committed organizational leadership consultant who works with CEOs, senior-level managers as well as teams and staff to create opportunities to achieve at a rapid rate. From stuck patterns of organizing and status quo results, Tim evaluates and assesses the way an organization and/or leadership functions. Tim identifies where he can partner with clients to transform areas of weakness in order to bring about impactful and lasting change.

Tim is also is a Licensed Practitioner in Kantor’s Structural Dynamics assessment. Kantor’s Structural Dynamics gives you and your team a snapshot of where each is spending most of their speech time in group settings. Kantor’s individual assessment can help you become more skillful in hearing others and helping others hear you. The team assessment can help your team gain awareness of teammates’ needs and take advantage of opportunities to increase collaboration and effectiveness. 

Tim has vast leadership experience working at all levels and in complex organizations. Additionally, Tim has a gift for being able to translate the latest research so that clients can quickly apply the knowledge and accelerate mission progress. Tim is currently in a doctoral program studying leadership psychology and neuroscience.