What Our Clients Say

Many years ago, I started a business that grew to have fourteen manufacturing sites around the world, two thousand employees and a half a billion dollars in revenue. I thought I was a good leader…until I met Tim. Tim’s style of leadership and motivation were and are special. I watched Tim help others redefine their potential. Tim’s inspirational leadership and counsel transformed my leadership and helped make a number of millionaires within my team. Tim showed me how to develop a team of winners and motivate them to the success they all wanted but needed guidance finding. I have worked with McKinsey, BCG, and others. None provided me with the roadmap to accountability and purpose that Tim brought. My bottom-line is to call Tim. Tell him you want Mike Miller’s cell phone number. I will drain my vocabulary of superlatives about Tim for as long as you can listen.


Mike Miller

Retired, Founder, CEO, and Chairman, Orchid Orthopedic Solutions LLC

Tim is excellent at what he does. More specifically, Tim has a gift of being a skilled listener and questioner. He communicates and interacts with you in a way that helps you feel in control, even while you are partnering with him to create solutions. Tim can walk into an environment, diagnose and dissect what is going on and why. The outcomes of working with Tim for my team are that we are all much stronger communicators who have much deeper relationships. Most importantly, there is far less tension and much better work being done.


Teri Nichols

Spherion Staffing 

We hired Tim because our youth sports program was struggling. Tim helped us diagnose our organizational problems and implement solutions. Tim is a brilliant listener. We had several “problem,” employees that Tim successfully engaged with without putting them on the defensive. He has a gift for being able to get employees to “buy-in.” Tim specifically helped our people take ownership of their roles and hold themselves accountable. Additionally, as business owners, it’s difficult to look in the mirror and take inventory of one’s contribution to a company’s success and/or failure. Tim helped us pull back in areas and it changed our trajectory. Tim’s depth of knowledge on leadership and driving excellence is inspiring. We credit Tim with saving our organization.


Julie and Kevin Mullin

Michigan Chill Soccer Club - Hope Sports Complex 

Tim is incredibly strong in helping us be focused on our most important details while also having a view of the big picture. He also pushes us to grow when it is appropriate. Tim is very approachable and invested in the success of his coaching. He was especially outstanding at culture, teamwork, and explaining behavioral causes. We threw our most challenging topics at him, and we successfully overcame them. Tim is skilled, helps us achieve lasting results and will help many.


Erin and Marcus Meyer

Gator Cleaning Solutions

I hired Tim because things were very busy and tense at a restaurant that I owned and led. I worked with Tim to create onboarding and retention programs that helped me train and keep my best people. Tim also helped me be a better communicator especially in the areas of setting expectations, empowering, and holding staff accountable. I think Tim is excellent. He listens, empathizes, supports, and teaches. He also helped me put together a self-care plan to stave off burnout. I’d work with Tim again in a second. I highly recommend him.


Todd Auger

Racer’s Bistro

Tim is a very intuitive and empathetic listener. He has a keen ability to trace problems and issues to their root cause. Tim is also a caring and creative partner, skilled teacher, and excellent communicator. We always came up with great solutions and everyone grew from the insights he provided. I can’t say enough!


Sherry Hughes

Houghton Housing Commission

I was tasked to build and command a new U.S. Air Force Special Warfare Schoolhouse. One of the first people I called was Tim. He stopped what he was doing and flew right out. In a short period of time, Tim quickly walked the campus, met with my staff, and helped streamline our processes. He observed, asked questions, assessed, and proposed solutions. Tim also continued to advise me over the next year. Tim was instrumental in helping us increase our standards and meet our required graduation rates for the first time in 10 years!


Chris “TUC0” Wright, Lt. Col (Ret)

U.S. Air Force Special Warfare

I had high expectations for professionalism, attentiveness, and knowledge. Tim demonstrated all of these characteristics. Tim's questions helped many in our group gain self and social awareness. He also provided collaborative advice that we benefited from. Tim delivered and exceeded our expectations.


Lisa Kingkade

Milford Public Schools

Tim did a wonderful job of listening and diagnosing to help me gain leadership awareness so that I could communicate more effectively. Tim did this by creating a safe environment and then slowly helping me reflect on the leader I am and then comparing it to the leader that I want to be. I am a much more empowering leader because of my partnering with Tim. I also feel like the weight I carried as a leader has decreased. I actually feel lighter, and work seems easier!


Nikki Irwin

The Cleaning Pros