Communication and Motivation Skills

What is the easiest way to increase net worth by at least 50%? Billionaire Warren Buffett has said honing your ability to communicate is the easiest way to increase your net worth by at least 50%. Based on my research and experience, I think he is correct. Communication is the oxygen of relationships and good relationships are the foundation of good business.

If communication is the oxygen of relationships, motivation is the premium rocket fuel of success. Motivation is both an art and a science. These areas can feel like complex mazes and/or havens of misinformation. The good news is that we can create clear paths filled with sound proven to work solutions in both areas that perfectly fit your challenge.

Sharp Communication Skills Translate to Bigger Profits

Maxum Consulting provides concepts and techniques to inspire and motivate your team as well as improve their communication skills, which will translate to a bigger bottom line.

Difficult Employees 

Almost every staff has someone who presents challenges to efficient workflow. Many times, these people are trying to represent the needs of the group the best they can but feel misunderstood. We will show you how to help them feel understood and turn uncomfortable confrontations into collaborative conversations. The results will be less tension and increased productivity.  

Individual and Team Communication Assessments 

Maxum Consultants is licensed to administer the Kantor Structural Dynamics Assessment. The assessment provides valuable insights into communication styles, individual needs, and direction regarding how to put the communication dynamics puzzle together. This information can have a game-changing impact on your people that can be reflected in their teamwork. 

Motivation & Accountability 

We love the motivation topic. There is no reason your people shouldn’t be the most engaged people in the country. We will share powerful motivation methods that are so valued by employees we wonder why they aren’t negotiated as part of every compensation package. We will also teach you how to communicate around the topic of accountability in a way that draws a hard line in a soft way. The outcomes will be increased drive, retention, and better overall performances.



Our Process

Learn How it Works

Empower Yourself

Put yourself first. Listen to your intuitions. Give yourself the opportunity to receive the training, resources, and confidence to thrive through the challenges of our VUCA (i.e., volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) world. I'm ready to meet, listen, and offer help. 

Schedule a session

I ask about your business dreams and their meaning so we can turn them into projects. I talk about how to magnify what is working. I ask you about the probabilities (i.e., problems and outcomes) of today so we can partner to lay out expectations and logistics. I inquire about the possibilities of the future.

Gain understanding

I gather information regarding the challenges and learn more about where and why people are stuck. 

Partnering & Action Steps 

We review the summary of information collected. We collaborate regarding the best options available. We implement our tailored action plan for a better tomorrow and connect them to the possibilities of the future

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