Coaching and Leadership Development

Is successful leadership more about the strategic X’s and O’s or the people (i.e., the Jill’s and Joe’s)? What are the latest brain-based ways for leaders to be effective for their staff, present for their families, and fulfilled by their growth?

The answers are, “it depends.” You and your situation are unique. Your needs are unique. I will partner with you to design customized solutions based on your strengths. I say this for two reasons. First, I have looked at the leadership psychology research so you don’t have to. Knowledge, based on facts is a powerful head start. Second, I am betting on us. You have the dream of what you want things to look like. You understand the landscape. I ask questions, observe, listen, understand, and share conversations. We craft leadership solutions. You and your staff feel whole and alive again through the emergence of a united culture, teamwork, and engaged people.

Comprehensive Customized Coaching as Unique as You

A brain-based approach using neuroscience and psychology helps you make optimal decisions, increases collaboration, empowers your team, and achieves your goals.

Brain-Based Neuroleadership Coaching

Brain-based coaching is a contemporary approach that complements and amplifies the principles of traditional methods to create powerful, positive changes in people. It has helped countless leaders develop their full potential by learning how to self-regulate their emotions during stressful times and manage their staff with calm confidence.

Health, Wellness & Resilience

Neuroleadership can help you dampen the emotional responses that you feel when faced with stressful situations. It can improve your ability to make sound, smart decisions. Neuroleadership techniques can help you be an example of health, wellness, and resilience. More specifically, research shows that mindfulness practices promote personal growth, as well as improved emotional, mental, and physical health.



Our Process

Learn How it Works

Explore Your Needs

Through shared conversations, I listen intently to your goals and situation. I also provide insights to help you identify your strengths, needs, and best strategies.

Clarify Your Vision

Collaboratively, we talk about your business vision, make sure it is aligned to your core values and connect to a forward-thinking strategy that is congruent with the state of your market.

Customize Solutions

I provide customized, innovative solutions that will prepare you for everyday challenges, problem people, and crisis situations.

Achieve Your Vision

Neuro leadership techniques will help you have a clearer perspective to lead through the speed and complexity of business. Our strategies will help everyone be more effective communicators as well as help your leadership approaches be embraced and your vision achieved.  

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